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Vélizy-Villacoublay, France
5' 8"
Caucasian (white)
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My name is Mary walker i was born in France but grew up in united state.
I am a loving woman and am Looking for Someone that is honest,trustworthy,loving,caring,kind,and happy.Has it been a while since you have heard the words I love how you love me,then,you probably have lost that loving feeling then maybe I would like to make you mine and kiss your.Do you enjoy walking in the misty moonlight or sitting by a flickering firelight.I hope that your days are filled with butterflies,rainbow skies,lovely flowers,and sunny hours.Having someplace to go is home,having someone to love is family,having both is a blessing.Do you enjoy receiving flowers,cards,and other surprises,and have someone to tell you every day that you are loved not only by the good Lord above but by your loving mate as well.Plus you will know in your heart that someone loves you very much.I enjoy family and doing things together as a family.You should enjoy receiving hugs,kisses,and holding hands because that is the way I am,and I want the world to know that we are best soulmate and I am looking for sincere.

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