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Paris, France
5' 8"
Caucasian (white)
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I am looking for a relationship, a committed relationship that puts God first. My relationship with Jesus Christ is wonderful. I am young in heart, soul and body. Possible love of my life, it wont really matter what I say here, if the looks are'nt interesting most man wont go any further, so if you are ther far i pass in the looks departmant. just being real. I love to give foot rubs and back massages. I will emotionally support my man and be your biggest fan. And when you are sad or depressed, I will try my best to make you laugh So now that I have your attention I will try to say some things about myself, I have had a very comfortable life so far, I find humor in most anything - life is too short to be too serious! Financially and emotionally stable, laid back, fun and positive attitude. I love adventure, the outdoors and like to be on the go. I treat others as I would like to be treated, believe everyone deserves respect, and have never met a stranger. I see beauty in everything and everyone and believe miracles happen everyday all around us. I am certainly not perfect and don't look for perfection in someone else - our quirks and baggage make us who we are. I want to be accepted for who i am, the good and the not-so-good. I love being a man, I work hard to make my partner happy and you will be my number one and who will have a smile on her face and be happy cause I am by her side! Love to sit in the yard and bbq, and I love a good bottle of wine and someone who is good company! I am weak for a nice smile!Next I am a confident man if you cant handle ther you wont like me, I am outgoing and speak my mind, I try not to be rude. I am tall, bold and kinda fun

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